Just having a website doesn’t cut it anymore. That’s why at
Social Generation, we make websites that engage your
online audience and drive growth.

  • 1. Review

    We take an in depth look at your current situation. If you have a website, we conduct a thorough analysis of all aspects of the website. Our aim is to get a thorough understanding of your digital presence.

  • 2. Fundamentals

    Great websites have a clear purpose. This could be selling merchandise or advertising your business' services. We work with you to understand your objectives and create an action plan to achieve them. We lay down the essentials for a website by sorting out the hosting, email, and domain names.

  • 3. Design

    This is the part where we design and create your website.

  • 4. Content

    A good website should always incorporate copy into design. This is where we work very closely together to place the right content in the right places. This is where a lot of time is spent making sure the image is correct and the content is conveyed properly.

  • 5. Review

    We make sure you're happy with your website and we use your feedback to make sure the website is how you would like it.

  • 6. The Finishing Touches

    We make the website public, and add all of the integrations with Google and redirect contact forms etc.