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Who We Are

Founded in 2016, Social Generation is a digital advertising and marketing company focused on driving customer acquisition and retention for our clients.

We offer a range of services from enterprise outreach for B2B sales, Google AdWords management & consulting through to website design & hosting to our 50+ clients in Australia, Europe & USA.

Proudly Australian-owned, our talented in-house team has delivered over $3 Million in leads and 40+ websites since August 2017.

Why Choose Social Generation?

Strong Marketing Fundamentals

Our founder and CEO, James, and CMO, Gordon, are both graduate marketing students and have extensive theoretical & practical marketing experience. All of our team members have been heavily involved in retail and service industries from a young age with an inherent understanding of business and the real world execution of marketing strategy.

Distinct Specialisations

Whilst our entire team have a solid foundational knowledge of web development, coding and are all certified in AdWords, we each have our own distinct specialisations. 

High Return On Ad Spend

Our continual monitoring and manual optimisation of advertising campaigns, rather than set & forget automated programs, have and continue to bring our long-term clients very high Return on Ad Spend with some of our clients receiving $22 back for each dollar spent on advertising.

Transparent Reporting & Access

From Day 1, we've been committed to providing our clients with the ability to update, edit and manage their own websites rather than locking clients into expensive maintenance contracts. 

We've extended this philosophy of transparency to our advertising campaigns and provide full administrative access to our client's AdWords, Analytics & Search Console dashboards in addition to monthly reports.

Meet The Team

James Hill - Managing Director, Social Generation Marketing

James Hill

Completing my Marketing degree whilst gaining practical experience across a diverse range of fields, I love bringing a new perspective and analysis to client projects. I find immense satisfaction in seeing our campaigns positively impacting our client's and their growth.
Peter Hill - Chief Technology Officer, Social Generation Marketing

Peter Hill

I've been coding and working on websites, hosting and constantly learning about IT for more than half my life! I'm currently studying Networking & Cybersecurity and optimising slow, insecure websites with faster performance & better security is what I do best.
Gordon Geraghty - Digital Marketing Manager, Social Generation Marketing

Gordon Geraghty

Former business owner and startup competition winner, Gordon is a marketing specialist with a flair for entrepreneurship. Gordon excels in designing and delivering overall branding solutions.
Social Generation Marketing

Zac Emery

Senior Web Developer
I'm passionate about designing websites, especially landing pages, to suit our client's various purposes. I enjoy looking at the results and working out ways to maximise the conversion rate across all of our landing pages and developing new layouts.

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